I am working on rebuilding my old Hot Wheels Custom School web page.

 Here you will find classes on how to build customs as well as links to other peoples customs pages. It may take me a while to get it all back up but if you want to know how to build customs or just like to look at other peoples customs then take a look around. I will be replacing the old courses on building these customs.

I will be putting the article back up about tools and supplies that are handy to have as well as information on where to get reproduction parts for redlines, how to do spectraflame paint, and the galleries of customs I have finished as well as galleries to the customs I started and never finished.

I hope you enjoy the site and that it helps you with some customs of your own. Once I get the site all up and running I will put a section in for asking questions about customizing and for submitting customs that you build. I have spent a lot of hours building customs and really enjoyed the accomplishment of building my own customs. When I got started doing it it was hard to find anyplace to get any kind of information on building customs. That is why I started this site.
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